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“The computer is incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid.
Man is incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant.
The marriage of the two is a force beyond calculation.”
Leo Cherne

We help you identify the key areas where AI has highest value for your business.

Intelligent image recognition systems are used by security organizations, retailers, and
manufacturers alike to automate important parts of their work.

In medicine, image recognition can be used to give more accurate diagnosis to patients.

In agrifood tech, image recognition can be used to detect desease (and so riduce
pesticides usage) and post-harvest poor quality products.

In food processing and retail, machine learning can be used to identify specific
products from images, predict trends, and help people find relevant objects they want
to buy.

Brand exposure measurement can be automated by tracking the brand logos that
appear on social media or in video footage for sponsored events.

Large manufacturers apply image recognition to automate quality assurance and detect
flawed objects on the production line.

Security agents use image recognition to automate security checks and identify people
from images.

Companies also use intelligent algorithms to detect and classify objects in images or
spot faulty items on the production line.

Anomaly detection helps to spot problematic areas/processes early on and prevent costly disasters.

Quality assurance

Ensure that your production output won’t include low-quality objects.

Intrusion detection

Identify unusual patterns in network traffic that could signal a hack.

Novelty detection

Uncover new patterns in your data that didn’t exist a while ago.

Find anomalies in your technical logs, and detect errors early on.

Detect irregularities in your business processes, find blockages, and remove them.

Enhance security by detecting abnormal activity in real-time video footage.

From banks to telecoms, machine learning is used to detect fraudulent transactions and lower the rate of fraud. AI also helps to reduce false positives by avoiding human error and lower the headcount in companies’ compliance departments.

detecting quality control frauds in complex supply chain process

finding insurance claim frauds

discovering and blocking malicious bots

better-targeted investigations

We build chatbots that are truly intelligent and learn based on customer interaction.

Most of the chatbots you see today are not powered by artificial intelligence. They follow a simple built-in flow of commands.

Enhanced chatbots requires more data and time, but can potentially automate a substantial share of your communication with customers.

Legal contract review

We use artificial intelligence to review contracts based on your company’s predefined policies. It flags unacceptable or missing clauses, suggests corrections, and automatically approves the rest.

Trend preditcion

Analyze large corpuses of texts on social media, review sites, and in online publications to predict relevant trends and gain competitive advantage.

Text categorization

Automate the filtering and categorization of messages across your companies’ mails, documents, etc.

Customer service routing

Use text analytics to route specific requests to appropriate customer service representatives.

Problem detection

Examine company-wide emails, customer complaints or social media feedback to identify issues real-time.

Sentiment analysis

Run a keyword analysis on positive and negative sentiment words/sentences to discover why people like or dislike your brand/product.

Kubernetes (k8s) is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling, and management. In this framework we developed KRules Solutions to offer
hybrid-multi-cloud integration, Kubernetes services, process automation and real time event management solutions covering these fields of application:

IoT ed Edge

Smart Factory

Novelty detection

Data Analytics

Smart Mobility

Smart City

Supply Chain

AI based systems (VPA, chatbot, computer vision)


Get data by game

Real time marketing

(Big) Data analysis


Mobile-first approach

Store as engagement

Privacy by design

Working closely with your company, we will identify the key areas where AI can bring most value.

Data integration and exploration

We will evaluate if you have the business data needed to train relevant machine learning models. If required, we identify additional frameworks for data collection in your company.

Proposal for deliverables

Based on our meetings and data analysis, we’ll share with you the possible AI use cases for your company. We will work hand-in-hand to agree on the desired outcome.

Model development

We will build and apply various machine learning models on your business data, to find the best solution. As a result, we will develop algorithms that accomplish the desired goal.

Service deployment

We integrate the machine learning model with an API or front-end product, making it user-friendly and accessible to the end user.

What we do

Software house and system integrator specializing in three main area.

Data Science as a Service

Data insight extraction

Machine Learning as a Service

Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics

AI of things application

System integrator for AI solutions

Our expertise

The team and the main partners consist of professionals combining many different expertise

Computer science

Applied mathematics

Mathematical engineering

Data science

Internet of things solutions

Data center

Our industries solutions and products

Track ’n Trade: end-to-end digital solution for tracking and trading supply chain processes

Deep Mage: platform for image recognition in health&pharma applications

DjungleSheep: chatbot, gamification and data analytics in one, powerful solution

Creditworth: AI and ML applied to NPL evaluation market

Legal Force: pattern recognition web platform for legal documents

Crowdcoderz: a distributed software house, offering code developers’ services

ESK Solutions: hybrid-multi-cloud integration, Kubernets migration, services and frameworks